Sierra Leoneans tired of voting in fear

It's election season again in Sierra Leone, and many Sierra Leoneans feel weary and frustrated about casting their votes while feeling scared.

A group in Sierra Leone called the National Federation for Human Rights has released a statement condemning recent threats made by presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio against the opposition political party, the All Peoples Congress.

The federation is disturbed by the constant threats from Maada Bio's supporters and believes that it violates Article 25 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

They also believe that Maada Bio's actions are undermining the democratic process and could potentially lead to conflict in Sierra Leone.

The upcoming 2023 Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Elections are scheduled for Saturday, June 24 and Maada Bio's threats have reportedly caused political tension and mistrust towards the Electoral Commission Sierra Leone (ECSL).

The federation has criticized the ECSL for being unprofessional and partisan, lacking transparency and fairness in its operations.

They are calling on the international community to help mediate the political conflict in Sierra Leone.


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