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Audit Concludes: NOSLINA Must Address Financial Operations

Serious financial discrepancies still remain unexplained and unaccounted for, according to NOSLINA's Audit Committee. In a press release issued this week, auditors for the largest diaspora organization that advocates on behalf of Sierra Leonean interests in North America, announced recommendations to improve internal methods of financial management and control. The audit committee, which covered the period September 2008 to June 2010, is made up of financial experts that NOSLINA's board and executive appointed in June of 2010. The organization called the move a historic step—ordering a first-ever comprehensive audit of the financial operations of the 13-year-old organization. Donald Taylor, the immediate past chairman of NOSLINA, told us by telephone from California this evening that among the findings, the committee had observed that the organization's checkbook had only one signatory, and its monthly bank reconciliations were either infrequently or incorrectly perf