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Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority and the prescient remark about Savage Street Bridge

Two years ago, an executive director at Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority told everybody who would listen that the Savage Street Bridge was a disaster waiting to happen. “I would like to fix it if I had the mandate,” he reportedly told officials from the Ministry of Finance at public budget hearings held in Freetown. A prescient remark, given that Savage Street Bridge collapsed today.  This  May,  David Panda Noah, described as — one of the brains behind the SLPP election team, which engineered access to the electoral commission’s election database in 2018 — took office as Sierra Leone's  Minister of Internal Affairs. No doubt about it, Noah has his work cut out at internal affairs.   Y ou can't help but wonder what he  c ould have done differently. Or what he would say if Awoko  reached out for comment.  ( Savage Street Bridge is a disaster waiting to happen, says SLRSA Boss, by Zainab Iyamide Joaque ) Press release from the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority The board and ma