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Who killed Sorieba in Freetown, Sierra Leone?

Maada Bio should produce the kamajor in combat gear who taunted and tormented the dazed Sorieba lying in the back of the pickup truck. The pa-o-pa terrorists should give up the killer who piggybacked Sorieba before executing him. These killers in government should give up the men in the video who were saying Ee dey loss , meaning he will disappear. Terrorists in government and their kamajor assassins are a threat to the future of Sierra Leone. Do you recognize the kamajor passing for a soldier? The one with the menacing grin. The one tormenting the dazed man in the flatbed truck. Do you recognize any of the other men? Who are the voices going back and forth with the ominous phrase: "Ee dey loss," which means he will disappear? Who gave the order to abduct Sorieba, beat him senseless, and then execute him in an extrajudicial killing?  Watch: