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Sierra Leone among the Worst Countries for Women in West Africa

The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security released its second Global Women, Peace and Security Index at United Nations Headquarters this week. The 2019 list ranks 167 countries on their progress on equality, well being, and empowerment in homes, communities, and societies. We looked specifically at how West African nations ranked by their overall index score. Below are the rankings with the best countries for inclusion, representation of government, employment,   financial access, and education at the top. Countries lower down the list report higher levels of insecurity, intimate partner violence, and women experience more discrimination. Sierra Leone ranks among the worst countries for inclusion, justice, and security. Only one West African country features in the top 100. More than ten places below South Africa (66) and Zimbabwe (74) comes in  Ghana (78), tied with Laos. Togo follows at (113), with Senegal (114) tied with Turkey; and then Benin (116). Gabo