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"Give what you can and make a difference" - A charity you can help

"G ive what you can and make a difference," their motto says. The hard-working, dedicated staff of the King George VI Memorial Home for the Aged give those eight watchwords meaning to the residents. But the home needs more support to keep doing the work they do so well. In total, there are 22 paid and volunteer staff members at the King George VI Memorial Home, which is located in the east end of Freetown on the Grafton/New Regent Road. M rs. Hannah I. Deen (sitting almost center in pink traditional print with the residents) is the treasurer of the not-for-profit organization.  She said the home is a charity and sponsored by annual donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations in the community. Every year, the Rokel Commercial Bank gives the home Le10Million in cash and sometimes in-kind donations also worth about Le10 million. Mrs. Deen made mention of other community organizations that make monetary donations to the home, but she said money often