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More Questions Than Answers for the Beginner's Mind

" While it is possible to find a place to rent in Sierra Leone, what makes sense price-wise doesn't come with the amenities ," writes Vickie Remoe in a recent checklist she published for Millennials and Gen Z planning to live and work in Sierra Leone. Rental properties that include amenities are priced for expatriates, Vickie cautioned. Additionally, renting in Sierra Leone comes with the financial burden of paying rent a year or two in advance. "You may be able to afford it the first time around, but depending on the kind of salary or income, continuing to do so after a year might stretch you," she said.  Reading Vickie's tips left me with more questions than answers: 1. What does she consider as amenities? Do they include, say, running water, a rain garden, a well pump in the backyard, and a solar-powered electric generator? 2. What does Vickie mean by rentals are priced for ex-pats? 3. What are the comparative rent prices across Sierra Leone? Is she talk