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"The winding roads of injustice, the treacherous bends of inequality, intolerance, exclusivity and nepotism shall be straightened; not by mere decree"

  My fellow citizens of our beloved Mama Salone, As we eagerly await the final outcomes of the work of our brothers and sisters on the Tripartite Committee, I am moved on this blessed Sunday, today, to share with you all these inspirational words: We remind ourselves that on that fateful day, June 24, 2023, our democracy stumbled.  The very pillars that should uphold our nation—transparency, accountability, and fairness—were shaken. The echoes of that flawed electoral process reverberated through our streets, leaving scars on our collective conscience.  But today, as the sun rises over our resilient land, we must stand united, determined to rewrite our story. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” These ancient words, etched in sacred biblical texts, remind us that our strength lies not in flawed systems but in our unwavering faith in God/Allah. We trust in a Sierra Leone reborn—a nation where justice will flow like the mighty Rokel River, clea

Maada Bio's war on Sierra Leone's democracy

The State Department has launched the 2023 Human Rights Report, which presents a factual, systematic account of human rights records across nearly 200 countries and territories. For Sierra Leone, significant human rights issues included: Credible reports of arbitrary or unlawful killings. Harsh and life-threatening prison conditions. Arbitrary arrest or detention. Political prisoners or detainees. Substantial interference with the freedom of peaceful assembly. Serious government corruption. Extensive gender-based violence, including domestic or intimate partner violence, sexual violence, child, early, and forced marriage.  Click here to read the full report