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U.K.'s Department for International Development kick-starts a solar revolution across Africa

Sierra Leone's Minister of Energy Henry O. Macauley signed a fast-track agreement for delivery of solar projects, as part of the wider Energy Africa Campaign launched by the British government at the Facebook Headquarters in London this week. The Energy Africa Initiative seeks to bring rapid home solar power to millions of homes in rural Africa.  Department for International Development Minister Grant Shapps said the “best of British expertise and ingenuity will be applied” to the Energy Africa campaign.  “This fits squarely with President Koroma's Agenda for Prosperity and his wish to have electricity everywhere, in all regions and chiefdoms, as quickly as possible,” Sierra Leone’s energy minister said at the London event.  Other highlights of the event included an exhibition of solar equipment and statements of commitment from private investors and financial houses.  "This takes Sierra Leone into the big league for solar energy for rural electrification," th