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Consortium of Progressive Political Parties issues statement on controversial elections in Sierra Leone

The Consortium of Progressive Political Parties in Sierra Leone has released a statement on the recently concluded Koinadugu District by-election. In the press release dated October 14, Dr. Dennis Bright of the National Grand Coalition Party and Ms. Femi Claudius Cole of the Unity Party say the National Electoral Commission, which is responsible for the administration and conduct of elections, and the Sierra Leone Police, in charge of security at elections, stand accused of performing so woefully that the conduct of these elections and results have been challenged by all parties and judged as not being fair or credible. Read the full press release below:  The Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (COPPP) wishes to express grave concern over the conduct of the recent Bye Elections in Koinadugu District for Chairman of the District Council and for Councillor of Ward 155 in the same District. According to complaints by both political parties that contested the election (APC and SLPP

Sierra Leonean Women Are Speaking Up About Harassment, Abuse, and Intimidation

Polling agents and elections observers should be free from harassment. Still, numerous reports say that was not the case in a recent by-election in Koinadugu, the largest district in Sierra Leone and one of the least densely populated.  "It has become too much the case that thugs overrun our polling stations during bye-elections with the police throwing their hands in the air as if it is not their job to keep the peace," wrote Vickie Remoe, a media producer. She writes about society, culture, and good governance in Sierra Leone.  A leading voice in the widespread condemnation of elections violence and intimidation, Remoe praised the Sierra Leonean observers of National Election Watch (NEW) for their commitment to transparency at our polling stations. "Had it not been for their diligence, we would not have the facts," she said.  The following Sunday, on Africa Young Voices (AYV) television, Lahai Lawrence Leema, the deputy minister of internal affairs, launched attac