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IMF African Department backs Freetown mayor, responds to Property Tax Reform

The International Monetary Fund's African Department has called Freetown's City Council (FCC) Property Tax Reform "good reform" in a statement released this weekend. According to Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, the rate for 80% of residents in Freetown, #SierraLeone, is still less than 500,000 Leones ($52) per year. Or 42,000 Leones ($4.50) per month, so the FCC can deliver services they couldn’t deliver before. The African Department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) oversees the IMF’s operations and engagement with 45 countries across Africa, spanning the three main pillars of IMF work—policy advice, lending operations, and technical assistance. Their responsibilities also include building strategic partnerships and dialogue with senior policymakers and institutions across the region. "We fully support the reform that appears to be in line with the best regional practice," they said of the Freetown City Council's Property Tax Reform. "Whil

TAKE ACTION to #FreeSheikhUmarrKamarah in Sierra Leone

Dr. Sheikh Umarr Kamarah is an American citizen of Sierra Leonean descent who needs your support. He has been unfairly accused of and detained for crimes in Sierra Leone that he did not commit. Dr. Kamarah’s family, friends, and broad community demand his immediate release. He is scheduled to return to the US with a repatriation flight on June 9 that he must be allowed to board. His arrest appears to be highly politically motivated though he is not a politician. Dr. Kamarah cares deeply about his native country, his American home, and his family. He is a devoted husband, father, brother, and uncle. In the US, he is a linguistics professor at Virginia State University, but he currently works in community relations and development for SL Mining in Sierra Leone. When he found out he was wanted, he righteously turned himself in to police, but we are demanding all charges against Dr. Kamarah be dropped. To support Dr. Kamarah, please call the following offices and assert that Dr. Kam