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What's the point of a 100-day Benchmark three years After the Fact ?

Julius Maada Bio has been president of Sierra Leone since April 4, 2018. One hundred days from that date is Friday, July 13, 2018. So why are Sierra Leoneans talking about his “First 100 Days” more than two years after he took office? What's the importance of his first 100 days as a  benchmark for an administration when non-mining activities are still constrained by the lack of access to power and good roads; and corruption and undeveloped human capital continue to deter investors? Sierra Leone still ranked 43rd among 47 countries in the region, and although its economic freedom improved earlier in the decade, Sierra Leone fell back into the repressed category in 2019 and remains there in 2020.  An influential public policy organization in the United States calls Sierra Leone 'one of the world’s 10 most impoverished and least developed countries' with the most pressing areas for improvement being financial freedom, government integrity, and labor freedom. Moreover, Sierra L

Sierra Leone law firm calls action taken against their colleagues 'dangerous and unprecedented'

Yada Williams & Associates, barristers, and solicitors in Freetown, Sierra Leone have written a letter to the president of the Bar Association about what they call 'unworthy attack on the persons and integrity of senior legal practitioners in the course of carrying out their duties.'  Dear Sir, RE: THE UNWORTHY ATTACK ON THE PERSONS AND INTEGRITY OF SENIOR LEGAL PRACTITIONERS IN THE COURSE OF CARRYING OUT THEIR DUTIES; INTRODUCTION: We refer to the above-mentioned matter and write to convey our dismay and dissatisfaction with the findings of Honourable Sir Justice Biobele Georgewill against Ajibola Emmanuel Manly-Spaine Esq. and the firm of Basma & Macaulay, legal practitioners and members of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, whilst sitting as the Chairman and Sole Commissioner in Commission of Inquiry No. 1 and to call for action against the said findings by the Sierra Leone Bar Association. ACCOUNTABILITY & THE RULE OF LAW: Diverse occurrences in Sierra Leone conf