28 Years Since the Death of Salami Coker

In words that echoed around the world, a commission of inquiry in Sierra Leone held the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) responsible for extrajudicial killings in1992. The junta's attempt to justify these executions retrospectively by decree, on the basis that the 26 people were alleged coup plotters, was an unlawful abuse of executive power, the commission said.

In particular, the Commission found that the deputy chairman of the NPRC, Solomon A.J. Musa, was personally responsible for acts of torture on detainees. They called the executions a flagrant violation of international standards.  

Among those executed on December 29, 1992, were:
Lt. Col James Yaya Kanu, former commanding officer of the 4th Battalion
James Bambay Kamara, former Inspector General of Police
Corporal Mohammed Mansaray, alias Candapa of the 1st Battalion
Warrant Officer Class 1 Kargbo, alias Fernando of the 1st Battalion headquarters
Lieutenant colonel (Rtd.) Kahota M.S. Dumbuya, Army Headquarters.
Major (Rtd.) M.C. Jalloh, former Paymaster
Captain Hanciles Bangura, Quartermaster, Benguema Training Centre
Mr. Chernor Jan Jalloh of Thunder Hill
Mr. S. Samba
Sieh Bangura, Deputy Superintendent of police (Second-in-charge, “D” Division, Kissy Police Station)
Sub Inspector D.T.S. Lebbie, Kissy Police Station
Mr. Salami Coker, 8 Huggin Street, Freetown
Mr. Victor Jarret, 37 Campbell Street, Wellington
Ms. Salamatu Kamara, 7 Huggin Street, Freetown
SLA/18168240 Private Bangura Mohammed. c/o RSLMF
Mr. Emmanuel E. Mani, 9 Jones Street, Kissy
Mr. Sorie Bangura, Bangura Street, Lumpa
Mr. Yapo Conteh, 17 City Road, Wellington
Sergeant 1315 Conteh A.F., 57 Dundas Street, Freetown.
PC 6819 Bangura S. 3s George Brook, Kissy.
Sergeant 1107 Saffa J., Police Training School, Hastings
Corporal 407 Lavalie W., Police Training School, Hastings
Mr. Moses Davies, Police Training School.
Mr. Emmanuel Koroma, Police Training School
Mr. Foday Turay, Police Training School
Mr. Sieh Turay, 92 Dundas Street, Freetown

In December 1992, Salami Coker was working at the Ports Authority of Sierra Leone as an admin manager.

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Salami was born to Alieu Badara Coker and Maimuna Ayoub on 22nd November 1945.  He attended the primary school in the east end of Freetown, and the CMS Grammar School.  According to his mother, when Salami was a boy, he helped out by selling Akara, sardines, sugar, and butter to bring in extra income. Growing up, Salami was exceptional in sports—an athlete, boxer, and a champion weightlifter.

After graduating from the East 15 Acting School, now affiliated with the British University of Essex,
Salami went on to make many contributions to theater, television, and film.  He later became a member of RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom.

Salami wrote plays, directed, and acted in various theaters across the U.K. He also wrote and directed plays for local theater in Sierra Leone. His peers included playwright and poet Amadu Pat Mahdi.

Salami gained international recognition when he was selected to act in award-winning films such as Sinbad, Eye of the Tiger (1977), and Born Free (1974). In addition, Salami did a lot of television commercials.  He also presented several programs on radio and television in Sierra Leone.

Salami was a member of the Ojeh Society, Hunting Society, and other social organizations in Sierra Leone.  He was married to a midwife, Cynthia. They had five children and seven grandchildren.


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