Help Isatu Bah Stand and Nurse Again

***Update: Nurse Isatu Bah died Monday, March 23.

When Ebola broke out in Sierra Leone last year, Isatu Bah chose to volunteer as a nurse at her local Makeni Government Hospital. On November 18, while on duty attending to patients admitted at the hospital she slipped and fell down some stairs.

The spinal cord injury the 20-something volunteer nurse sustained that day was only discovered after an x-ray in the capital, Freetown, about 85 miles away.

"The doctor who analyzed the x ray stated that my sister needs to be flown out of Sierra Leone for urgent surgery," says Abu Bakarr Bah in his appeal.

 Bah is a public relations officer at Sierra Leone Standards Bureau and a former editor of Cotton Tree News.

Isatu Bah before her accident
Makeni Government Hospital wrote a letter to the nation's Ministry of Health for medical assistance, Bah added.

"Although the letter is being considered by the authorities, we are concerned about the delay taking into consideration the bureaucracies involved,” Bah said.

“The condition of our sister is very critical. As family members we have spent millions of Leones and can’t afford the $ 10,000 [medical costs]. On behalf of the family, I am urging the government of Sierra Leone, non-governmental organizations and philanthropists to come to our aid.

“No contribution is too small to save our sister who was doing a national service for our country. You can pledge anything. Thanks.”

For more information, please call Abu Bakarr Bah on (232) 77 880-028 or (232) 76 880-028. Or send him a message on Facebook.


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