Behind the Name | Eunice Bazabaza Mawussi

 Togo is home to footballer Emmanuel Adebayor, writers Kangni Alem and Christiane Akoua Ekué, journalist Gnimdéwa Atakpama, artist Emmanuel Kavi, and popular musician, King Mensah.

Add a new name to that list of Togolese greats: Eunice "Bazabaza" Mawussi

Mawussi is a musician, author, and philanthropist. She has been living in music city, Nashville, Tennessee since 2001. Mawussi grew up a pastor’s daughter with seven brothers and a sister in Togo.

Some of her best memories include playing together as a family band in their father's rural church.

Nowadays, the family don't rock Sunday church services, but they collaborate on global music production and educational programs.

Through the Bazabaza Corporation, founded by Eunice a few years ago, they hope to change the world or make it a little better than they found it.

Sewa News spoke to Eunice Mawussi on Sunday, May 31, which also happens to be Mother's Day in Togo and in other French-speaking countries. Click here to listen  to 'Behind the Name | Eunice Bazabaza Mawussi'

Baza Baza Corporation is a 501 (c) 3 NGO for Education in Togo

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