Black Africa on the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index

According to this year’s ranking, South Africa is the most entrepreneurial country in Black Africa with a score of 38.5, though the country ranked 52nd in the world.

Botswana placed second (33.1), Namibia came third (31.3) and Nigeria was the fourth with a score of 28.1. This is followed by Gabon (27.8), Swaziland (25.8), Ghana (24.5), Zambia  (22.8) and Kenya (21.1). 

52 South Africa
66 Botswana
73 Namibia
85 Nigeria
86 Gabon

95 Swaziland
99 Ghana
102 Zambia
104 Kenya
106 Senegal

112 Angola
113 Rwanda
114 Ethiopia
115 Cameroon
116 Mozambique
118 Gambia, The
119 Liberia
120 Cote d'Ivoire
121 Tanzania
122 Mali

123 Uganda
124 Benin
126 Burkina Faso
127 Madagascar
128 Sierra Leone
129 Mauritania
130 Malawi
131 Burundi
132 Chad

The Global Entrepreneurship Index is an annual index that measures the health of the entrepreneurship ecosystems in 132 countries. It then ranks the performance of these against each other. This provides a picture of how each country performs in both the domestic and international context.

The GEDI methodology collects data on the entrepreneurial attitudes, abilities and aspirations of the local population and then weights these against the prevailing social and economic ‘infrastructure’ – this includes aspects such as broadband connectivity and the transport links to external markets. This process creates 14 ‘pillars’ which GEDI uses to measure the health of the regional ecosystem.

What is the ecosystem?

The mix of attitudes, resources, and infrastructure is known as the entrepreneurship ‘ecosystem’

Entrepreneurs exist in the context of their particular geography – be that their local, national, or even supranational economy and society.

South Africa tops 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index in Sub-Saharan Africa


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