End of An Era for Renowned Sierra Leonean Lawyer

Undated photo of J.B. Jenkins-Johnston
(photo courtesy of Leon Jenkins-Johnston)
James Blyden Ayodele Jenkins-Johnson died almost a year after the barrister's last high-profile case, involving Sierra Leone's former vice president. 

Lawyers for Sam Sumana argued in the Supreme Court that his sacking was unlawful. Judges in Sierra Leone's highest court delivered their final judgment September 9, 2015.

One of the most famous lawyers in Sierra Leone, Jenkins-Johnston founded his firm of barristers, solicitors, and legal consultants in December 1974, five years after graduating in November 1969 from the storied Fourah Bay College.

The single practitioner firm became a company of lawyers in 2000. 

News reports say Jenkins-Johnston died in London September 9, 2016. The cause of death is unknown. 

The death of J.B. Jenkins-Johnston marks the end of an era in Sierra Leonean public life. A renowned lawyer, social commentator, and human rights advocate, he influenced generations with his open letters, which informed and enlightened a nation. 


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