Massah Kaikai has been missing since August 2018, no new leads

Stephen Douglas, a Canadian journalist, photographer, author, and media development specialist is leading an online campaign to find Massah Kaikai, who went missing sometime between August 4 and 8, 2018.

According to Douglas's blog, one suspect, Ibrahim Mansaray, Massah’s driver, is currently in custody and has been questioned by the Inspector General of Police and the Head of CID.

The suspect has provided very little information as to Massah’s disappearance but was in possession of Massah’s iPhone when he was arrested.

Mansaray reportedly looted Massah’s apartment of furniture, clothing and kitchen items before returning the keys to the landlords. The apartment was paid for until the end of December 2018.

After 45 days, the Cyber Crime Unit of CID finally retrieved scant information from Massah’s phone but it has not proved useful in tracking Massah’s movements or whereabouts.

The legal team at Orange, the telecom provider, will not comment and have not been helpful in providing information to the investigation.

The Police investigation is stalled by a lack of capacity and a seeming lack of will, according to Massah’s mother.

Massah’s mother, Ayodeji Babalola (nee Ademu-John), her sisters in the U.S., her father, Ansumana Jaia Kaikai, her colleagues and friends have been trying frantically to find Massah.

Ayo, Massah’s mother, said, “This is a very serious security and safety issue for Sierra Leone. A young woman, diligently giving back to her country and promoting development, suddenly cannot be located. And, no efficient efforts are being made after three months… The safety and security of all individuals coming into to Sierra Leone for work, tourism, development, investment, and other matters should be a top priority.”

Massah is a 40-year old American citizen born of Sierra Leonean parents.

The Regional Security Officers of the U.S. Embassy in Sierra Leone are aware of the situation and are working with local police.

Two U.S. Embassy officers have visited ASP Lebbie, the officer in charge of the investigation at the CID, on several occasions. The Security Officers could not comment on the ongoing investigation but U.S. Ambassador, Maria E. Brewer is aware of Massah’s disappearance.

After three weeks, she indicated, “We have been encouraging Sierra Leone’s police to follow up on all available information and keenly await an outcome from their investigation.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the U.S. and West Africa have been notified and are monitoring the ongoing search and investigation.

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