Confused about the sign on your property in Sierra Leone? Here’s what you need to know

Excerpt from social media commentary by Chukwuemeka Taylor: 
Dr. Sandy can lawfully through the office of the Director of Surveys and Lands put signs or notices on any land he considers to be unoccupied land. This notice is simply an expression of the Government's intention to repossess land deemed "unoccupied ".

The Minister’s mistake is in the "mongrel wording" of the notices on signs he erects all over the place. The wording on such signs departs from the statutory prescription provided in the Unoccupied Lands Act and the State Lands Act.

There is no statutory authority for the notice to read " repossessed by the State ".

The notice being erected on private lands by Dr. Sandy is my opinion, mischievous and is calculated to mislead. Dr. Sandy Ph.D. ought to know that repossession of any land cannot be fulfilled without an Order of the Court.

It surprises me that the Learned Attorney General & Minister of Justice has not made her knowledge of the correct legal position public. She is the Minister of Justice as well as Attorney General.

It surprises me too that the red flag of the Anti-Corruption Commission has not been raised. Francis Ben Kaifala is a lawyer too and Dr. Sandy s conduct is beyond borderline abuse of authority.

It is even more disappointing that the President seems to applaud Dr. Sandy's zealot behaviour as is reportedly exemplified in his State of the Nation address delivered to Parliament.

So, while I don't believe the conduct of Dr. Sandy pushes the button for tribal concerns, the silence of the moral guardians of our constitution worries me.


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