"The winding roads of injustice, the treacherous bends of inequality, intolerance, exclusivity and nepotism shall be straightened; not by mere decree"


My fellow citizens of our beloved Mama Salone,

As we eagerly await the final outcomes of the work of our brothers and sisters on the Tripartite Committee, I am moved on this blessed Sunday, today, to share with you all these inspirational words:

We remind ourselves that on that fateful day, June 24, 2023, our democracy stumbled.  The very pillars that should uphold our nation—transparency, accountability, and fairness—were shaken.

The echoes of that flawed electoral process reverberated through our streets, leaving scars on our collective conscience.  But today, as the sun rises over our resilient land, we must stand united, determined to rewrite our story.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” These ancient words, etched in sacred biblical texts, remind us that our strength lies not in flawed systems but in our unwavering faith in God/Allah.

We trust in a Sierra Leone reborn—a nation where justice will flow like the mighty Rokel River, cleansing the wounds of the present and the past election malpractices. Our partners—development agencies, regional allies—stand by our side and together, we are forging a path toward unprecedented electoral justice. 

No longer shall shadows obscure the ballot boxes; every vote shall be a beacon of Hope.

The majority’s WILL, once trampled, shall rise like the resilient mangroves along our coastline.

“In all your ways submit to him.”  Submission to God is not ordinary servitude; it is the surrender to a VISION  greater than self. 

Our youth, the heartbeat of our nation; our women, the mothers of our nation; and all the old, the unemployed, the physically challenged, all, victims of electoral injustice, submit their dreams, their aspirations, their hunger for change. They demand a seat at the table—a say in their governance. Their voices, once drowned out, must be made to crescendo into a symphony of possibility and moral Justice.

And what awaits us when we submit? “He will make your paths straight.”

The winding roads of blatant economic, political and social injustices, the treacherous bends of inequality, intolerance, exclusivity and nepotism—they shall be straightened; not by mere decree, but by our collective resolve.

The political architects of this new Sierra Leone, must lay the foundation for generations to come; for our ancestors, who laboured under the scorching sun, we must build a legacy of dignity; for our youth, who carry the torch forward, we must pave a road where hard work pays—not just in sweat but in opportunity; for our women, we must show equality; and for our great-grandchildren, whose names we may never know, we must plant seeds of creativity. Their ideas, like the baobab’s roots, shall crack open the earth and reach for the sky.

Sierra Leone, rise! Let all future ballot boxes overflow with hope. Let electoral justice and accountability flow like the Bintumani Falls. 

Let our democracy be a symphony of voices—each note a promise fulfilled.

“In all your ways submit to him.” Let us submit to justice. Let us submit to progress.  Submit to the dream of a Sierra Leone reborn. SIERRA LEONE


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