Sierra Leoneans in America | The Accidental Artist Part Two

Continued form Part One

Sewa News Stream- All through March, it's "Women's History Month" in the United States of America—home for almost 30 years to Sierra Leonean transplant, Hannah Faux. Artist, jewelry maker and an award-winning photographer, Hannah's passion for life and art is simply enchanting.

Hannah Faux: When I am not out and about on a photo shoot alone or with friends, editing my images, or taking an art class, I may be at home designing and making original pieces of beaded jewelry. I am quite the accidental artist, as it were, never having taking an art class in school or college. I was introduced to jewelry making by my then teenage daughter who wanted to dabble in the art during a summer vacation, several years ago. The rest, as they say, is history and I have sold several hundreds of my unique, elegant, and sometimes one-of-a-kind creations since 1999.


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