Sierra Leone | Back to School Teacher Appreciation

June Scarbough is a teacher. She has a doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction.

"I was 8th-grade level chair last school year, so I was of great assistance to the grade level principal. My duties included teaching, ensuring that classes were covered in the event of an absence; supervising and monitoring students, creating assessments, tasks and rubrics, communication, and scheduling conferences with parents, facilitating team/grade level meetings.

"I enjoy teaching students and it brings me great joy when they grasp a concept and demonstrate mastery. I also enjoy mentoring and counseling students when necessary.

"I dislike what I consider to be unnecessary paperwork and the extra things that I feel add to the already heavy workload.

"A person entering this field must be creative, flexible and wear a thick skin. A person entering this field must be committed, especially spiritually, have a passion for teaching and, the children; be able to wear various hats as well as possess a high level of tolerance.

"I'm not sure about my next step. I would like to share my skills and expertise with others in some way. For now, I am content as I patiently await what I believe God has in store for me."


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