Sierra Leone's Kaifala Marah Gives Snap Lecture on Political Appointments

Former minister of finance Kaifala Marah got reassigned as the nation's bank governor in last week's cabinet reshuffle, but some of his fans are not too happy. Today, he posted an open letter on Facebook addressing the change, duty, and public service. 

My dear friends, 

As you are all aware, His Excellency The President, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma on Sunday 13 March 2016, reassigned me to the post of Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone as part of a Cabinet reshuffle. During the last few days I have guaged the mood among friends and noted the change has been received with mixed-feelings.

I wish to let you know that I am very much pleased with the decision of the President.

I am tempted to share with you (although some of us already know this) that the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development deals with planning and fiscal policy among others, which is one side of the economy, and the Bank of Sierra Leone handles Monetary policy, which is the other side of the economy. These are two sides of a coin that are mutually interrelated, as one cannot go without the other.

In view of the above, I would also like to make it known that whilst the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone does not sit in Cabinet, the role is equally an important one in the management of the economy. And allow me to say that sometimes in life, we move on to new roles as part of the big picture of national delivery. The biggest rooms in the world perhaps are learning and national service. And there is no end to both.

I am therefore looking forward to the new role when my appointment is endorsed by Parliament, shortly. Together with the Ministry we will tackle the challenges confronting our post ebola economic recovery and put it once again on a sounder footing.

In this regard, I am inviting you all to kindly join me thank President Koroma for providing me the unique opportunity to have served as his Chief of Staff at State House, his Minister of Finance and Economic Development, and now his Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone. Placing someone in these positions you will reason with me comes with trust. Please join me therefore to celebrate these achievements. I think they worth it.

My dear friends and for those who are part of the Bridging project, going forward, lets also press on with the Bridging project in collaboration with the Government as pronounced by HE the President. In this regard, we will update you all on the next steps soon.

My very best wishes to you all.


Kaifala Marah on Facebook

Kaifala Marah (born in Koidu Town, Sierra Leone) is a Sierra Leonean accountant was recently Sierra Leone minister of finance. He served as State House chief of staff and senior economic advisor to SPresident Ernest Bai Koroma from 2010 until his appointment as finance minister.


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