Georgina's successful fundraising drive holds lessons

Georgina Laverse has had a most successful GoFundMe campaign. And here's why.

Three weeks ago the 2013 master's graduate in governance and development at University of Sussex decided to start a donation drive. 

She was trying to raise money for something she truly believed in: Find a new home for 35 kids in a Freetown orphanage facing closure. 

1. Reach out 

Georgina's first step was to reach out to friends and family on Facebook to let them know what she was raising money for. 

“Initiative for Women and Girls Empowerment--that doubles up as an informal education centre and orphanage for Ebola survivor orphans, HIV orphans and other very vulnerable children in the Freetown Wellington area--is facing eviction on the 31st of this month. These wonderful and very vulnerable children and young people desperately need a new home. The director/coordinator of the home Margaret Kpakiwa tells me Le6, 000,000 (approx. £750.00/$1,130.00) will get them a larger new home and pay their rent for a year."

2.  Build community and raise awareness

Georgina's friends and family contributed, and also reached out to others on her behalf to share her campaign through email, text messages and other social networks. 

The campaign quickly built a strong sense of community and awareness. 

3. Keep in touch and keep followers updated

Georgina kept her followers in the loop. 

A lot of wonderful things have happened since I launched my appeal on Facebook to find a new home for 35 orphans from the Initiative for Women and Girls Empowerment project. So far, a total of £2,191 has been raised exceeding by far the £750 I set out to raise. 

This means that these children now have a new home and money to buy priority items such as mattresses, bed sheets, and tables and chairs for their new home; as well as money to be able to fill the home's water tank to ensure that there is running water in the home.

On Wednesday, March 30,  a company that provides freight and logistics services globally and within Sierra Leone, presented a check for Leone 11, 000,000 [about $2,300] to Margaret Kpakiwa, the proprietor of the Initiative for Women and Girls Empowerment project, Georgina wrote. 

"The Le11, 000,000 will pay the 1st years rent on the new home. Although I am now back in the UK, the proprietor Margaret tells me that the children are ecstatic and can't wait to move into their new home. They are especially looking forward to having a lot more room and their own outside space. Thank you to Miatta Efe-Oghene and all at Imatrix101 Ltd for their generous donation.
A big, big thank you too to all our other donors. And our anonymous donors. Without your support we would not have the funds to buy priority items like mattresses, bed sheets, tables and chairs, nor be able to fill the home's water tank which will ensure that the house has running water.
To all those who shared my appeal and to the many more ..., thank you, thank you, thank you 😙xxx

Georgina promises to keep everyone updated as they go "about creating an environment where these children can thrive and where their dreams can become realities."

Georgina sent this update Sunday, Apr 3, 4:15pm

"I've completed my MA in 2013. Looking now to combine my social work BA and social work experience to develop good systems that can help make a difference in the social welfare of children in particular in our beloved Sierra Leone.

"I so believe that together we can raise the chances of our people and propel our development drive. We can do it, yes we can!!" 


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