Alhaji Yunisa Alim Sesay aka Awoko dies

Former Western Area Football Association chairman, Yunisa Alim "Awoko" Sesay, passed away in Freetown Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016, according to a post on his Facebook page.

The owner and chairman of premier league side Anti-Drugs Strikers had been ailing for some time.

A popular figure in Sierra Leone's capital city, the veteran football administrator also served as commissioner of the Sierra Leone Government Assets Commission and was a onetime government auctioneer.

Alhaji Sesay was regarded as one of Sierra Leone's finest football administrators.

As former secretary general of East End Lions Football club, one of the most popular clubs in Sierra Leone, Awoko was the longest serving football secretary general in the history of Sierra Leone, wrote Chernor Ojukwu Sesay, information attaché at the Sierra Leone Embassy to Brussels and the European Union.

"Awoko resigned from the post after 21 years of dedicated service to E.E. Lions and founded the Anti Drugs Football Club," Sesay said.

According to Sesay, Awoko was a key figure in Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) elections for president, ranging from Benji Davies to Alhaji Saramadi Kabba in the mid 1980s to Justice Tolla-Thompson (1996-2004), Nahim Khadi (first elected 2004 and re-elected in 2008),  and most recently Isha Johansen.

"Unfortunately, he again figure(d) in the downfall of all those SLFA presidents, which made many describe him as a very controversial figure in football. May his soul rest in perfect peace," Sesay wrote.


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