Reporting from Freetown | November 18, 2016

This is a newsletter about young people in Freetown. Some of the things that affect them are mostly political, environmental, levels of education, parenting, athletics, fashion, music, recreation, relationships, and economics.

The picture below portrays a disaster that occurred on 17 November 2016. There was heavy rainfall the whole of yesterday, which led to flooding at the Bomeh Akram community. 

Bomeh is located just after Ferry Junction in the east end of Freetown. It's named “bomeh” because it was a site set aside for dumping waste from homes, offices, and business centers. 

Yesterday’s flooding destroyed many houses and property, and residents lost their livelihood. A lot of them have got no place to go.  

One of the reasons for the disaster is the community is used as a dumpsite. The dirt was out of control but people didn't stop disposing of refuse and sewage. Officials responsible for amending the situation did nothing. So when the rain kept coming, the water couldn't pass freely because of the dirt. 

The other reason was the cutting down of trees by the residents to sell and sustain their lives. 

It’s not only this community that has suffered a loss. 

Other people have as well in different communities around Freetown and other parts of the country. 

Last year, some people lost their lives and their family treasures. And now it has occurred again many have fallen victim. Measures need to be put in place to stop such disasters occurring in the future. 

Many Sierra Leoneans are wondering whether another year will turn out like the previous one and this, especially those who are based down the valleys and those in dilapidated areas.

Reporting from Freetown, I'm Inyilla Conteh


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