Women's Day celebrations around Sierra Leone

Kailahun is the capital of Kailahun District in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone.

Parts of Sierra Leone's Kailahun district abut Lofa County in Liberia and Guinea's Gueckedou prefecture. So women in all three countries in the region --Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone -- will meet in Kissi Teng, a town in Kailahun, Saturday, March 11, 2017, to celebrate  International Women's Day.

A delegation from the Sierra Leone's Women's Forum (SLWF) led by SLWF President Maude Peacock will accompany Dr. Sylvia Blyden, Sierra Leone minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs, to Kissi Teng.

"Kissi Teng chiefdom otherwise called ‘Kissi in the middle’ bulges into Guinea at Yenga on the stretches of the Makona River basin, and emerges at Beldu, a hamlet in Sierra Leone, and on the Liberian border near the Mendekorma customs in Liberia," says Michael Faya, a writer who is a native of the area.

Female musician Lynda Samai a.k.a. Star Zee will perform at a free concert for the event on Saturday.

The video shows Paramount Chief Ganawa and Kissi women at the Koindu Market. The market is located where the borders of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia come together.

Also, Sierra Leone celebrated International Women's Day at Newton, March 8th 2017.

Newton is a city in the Rural District in the Western Area of Sierra Leone. The city is about twenty-four miles east of Freetown.

"Women travelled from all over Sierra Leone to celebrate themselves and thank President Koroma," said Sylvia Blyden, Sierra Leone's minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs.

This year's International Women's Day is President Koroma's last celebration, as he comes to the end of his second term.

"Twelve of the 14 elected female Paramount Chiefs of Sierra Leone were on the field at the celebrations in Newton. Virtually all the elected female local councillors in Sierra Leone were on that field as were all the 12 district traditional leaders of the Bondo Society," added Hon. Blyden.

"Every girl from all 12 districts who is an elected executive of the twelve district Children's Forum Network (CFN) was present alongside the CFN National President who is also a girl.

"We had it all. From an eloquent, well researched academic presentation by Lawyer Mariama Dumbuya Esq. to the boogie music by female musicians to the CFN's fantastic joint celebration of EBK's ten years of advancement of Women, we the women were awesome in Newton today; all under 50-50 President, Dr. Fatu Taqi who chaired the event," the minister said.

**Watch video clips from the event, State House Communication Unit.


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