Africa in the Human Development Index 2016

Sierra Leone is one of more than thirty countries at the bottom of the Human Development Index released in March.  Along with neighboring Guinea and Liberia, Sierra Leone trailed in many components of the 2016 index such as life expectancy at birth, expected years of schooling, mean years of schooling, Gross National Income, and GNI per capita rank minus HDI rank. 

ife expectancy at birth is based on the number of years a newborn infant could expect to live if prevailing patterns of age-specific mortality rates at the time of birth stay the same throughout the infant’s life. Expected years of schooling refers to the number of years of schooling that a child of school entrance age can expect to receive if prevailing patterns of age-specific enrolment rates persist throughout the child’s life. Mean years of schooling is the average number of years of education received by people ages 25 and older, converted from education attainment levels using official durations of each level. The Gross national income (GNI) per capita is the aggregate income of an economy generated by its production and its ownership of factors of production, less the incomes paid for the use of factors of production owned by the rest of the world, converted to international dollars and divided by midyear population. GNI per capita rank minus HDI rank is the difference in ranking by GNI per capita and by HDI value. 

ounding along in the low human development group, Sierra Leone’s life expectancy is at 51.3 years with an expected 9.5 years of schooling compared to 3.3. Mean years of schooling.  

In 2014, Sierra Leone ranked 176, falling three places to 179 in 2016, tying with Eritrea.

Liberia ranked at 177 in 2014 and Guinea dropped one place from 182 in 2014 to 183 on the list. 

Rounding out the bottom 10 countries are in ranking order: Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, South Sudan, Guinea, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger, and the Central African Republic, which are classed in the HDI’s Sub-Saharan Africa-Developing Countries region.

Key to HDI African countries and ranks, 2015

Algeria, 83
Angola, 150
Benin, 167
Botswana, 108
Burkina Faso, 185
Burundi, 184
Cabo Verde, 122
Cameroon, 153
Central African Republic, 188
Chad, 186
Congo, 135
Congo (democratic Republic of the), 176
Equatorial Guinea, 135
Eritrea, 179
Ethiopia, 174
Gabon, 109
Gambia, 173
Ghana, 139
Guinea, 183
Guinea-Bissau, 178
Kenya, 146
Lesotho, 160
Liberia, 177
Libya, 102
Malawi, 170
Mali, 175
Mauritania, 157
Mauritius, 64
Morocco, 123
Mozambique, 181
Namibia, 125
Niger, 187
Niger, 187
Nigeria, 152
Rwanda, 159
Seychelles, 63
Sierra Leone, 179
South Africa, 119
South Sudan, 181
Togo, 166
Tunisia, 97
Uganda, 163
Zambia, 139
Zimbabwe, 154


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