Black British Musician and Sierra Leonean Legend Mamadi Kamara Has Died

Black British drummer Mamadi Kamara has died, according to reports on social media from the city's Sierra Leonean community. The cause of death is unknown.

Born in Sierra Leone, the artist was active through the 70's and 2000s, notable for his drumming and percussion days with Super Combo, one of the first local bands to gain international success.

Residing in the United Kingdom since the 1970s, Mamadi has been in demand among musical groups of all styles because of his distinctive percussive voice, which ranges from high-energy rhythmic drama to free-flowing conceptual artistry.

Constantly extending his horizons, he has emerged as one of the most influential percussionists on the British/African jazz scene, working with artists such as Louis Moholo and Lester Bowie, Mervyn Africa, Harry Beckett, Andy Hamilton, Cameroon Pierre, Courtney Pine and Andy Sheppard. He also played and recorded with African, reggae, soul and R&B bands. 

Mr. Kamara was reportedly 70 years old.


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