No Makeup Challenge? | Sewa Woman Did it First: Walks the walk, Talks the talk

Social media is still awash with icebucket challenges which have raised more than $111 million in donations for the ALS (as of Monday, September 8). But another trend went viral in the last couple of months. The "no makeup selfie" also helps raise awareness and money for good causes.

Last July, Suafiatu Tunis sent us this selfie and she told Sewa News:

“While pursuing my own goals, I also like to help my community, relatives and friends. What I find most difficult is being in a position where I cannot do anything to help people. I like to be of service, especially to women, children and the aged."

Currently, Suafiatu, who is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with her husband and family, is leading Ebola sanitization campaigns and conducts trainings around Sierra Leone, reports Newsweek's Chad McCordic.

Below is a photo of Suafiatu (front row left with headwrap and scarf) leading a group "Community Response," which is one of the 7,000 community groups that will be conducting house-to-house assessments during the three day quarantine. This past Saturday, the government of Sierra Leone declared a mandatory quarantine for the entire country starting on September 18. For three days, everyone must stay home to give authorities a chance get a step ahead of the disease. Across the country, people are already beginning to doubt the effectiveness of this plan.

 “We will be trying to do it one-on-one, informally but safely,” she said. Suafiatu sees the quarantine as a positive step but she does see potential negative effects too. Hunger will be a big concern, but the lockdown could drive some to be more fearful, and isolate themselves further.


Sierra Leone's Ebola Emergency Account is audited by Chartered Accountants from the KPMG Accounting and Auditing Firm at the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

All Cash Donations are deposited at the Ebola Emergency Account managed by the  EOC, and kind donations (Medicines, Equipment, Supplies, etc.) are held at the  Government Medical logistics stores, Freetown, by the Ebola Logistics team, for  processing, storage and equitable distribution as required throughout the country.
Ebola Emergency Account Details: 
Account Number (Leones): 003001118285030109
Account Number (USD): 003001014138030145

 ISSUED BY: The Ebola Viral Situation Report, Ministry of Health and Sanitation

 For more information, please contact:
District level: District Health Management Team
National level: Directorate of Disease Prevention and Control,
 Mobile: 117 (Toll free)


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