Save Sierra Leone's Dr. Buck

Dr. Olivette Buck leads President Koroma on a visit to the Lumley Govt. Hospital in October 2013
Stricter infection control measures are in place as well as the personal protective equipment medical staff wear, but Ebola continues to take its toll on Sierra Leonean medical professionals and  health workers in treatment centers. Early on Thursday, September 11, an SOS went out for another doctor:

A PLEA for a fellow doctor's life 

My colleague Dr. Olivette Buck is one of the most dedicated and determined physicians I know. She had worked for over 20 yrs as a teacher before entering medical school and finally graduating the same year as me-in 2002. A patriot and focused individual. Further to this, she is soon to be ( or perhaps already) a member of the West African College if Physicians. One of the few to recently challenge this position. A mother of three and a dedicated Christian. She also unfortunately happens to be the first female physician  infected in Sierra Leone. We all need her to WIN THIS BATTLE! To give US doctors hope and faith our country won't let us down in this battles. Other countries have recorded victories amongst doctors. Please Press Each Button You Can And Let's Get Her Out To Receive The Top Most Treatment Possible Immediately! --Dr. Esé Thomas-Macauley

Just in: Associated Press's Clarence Roy-Macaulay reports that Health Ministry spokesman Sidie Yahya Tunis says that arrangements are being made to evacuate her to another country so she can receive better medical treatment.

She is the fourth Sierra Leonean doctor to become infected during the current outbreak in West Africa. So far, only westerners have been evacuated for treatment abroad, Roy-Macaulay wrote.

Last October, President Koroma celebrated his 60th birthday visiting orphans and the sick. He went on a needs assessment visit to several hospitals and health centers in Freetown, the nation's capital. The president visited the Lumley Government Hospital, Kroo bay community health center, Princess Christian Maternity Hospital, Ola During and Connaught hospitals, and the Freetown Cheshire Home at Racecourse, Cline Town.

Local papers reported that at the Lumley Government Hospital, President Koroma was briefed by Dr. Olivette Buck about plans by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, in collaboration with Freetown City Council to refurbish the hospital. In the photo, Buck is shown leading the president on a tour of the hospital. The doctor told President Koroma that the operating theater had leaks. She also informed the president about lack of a storage facility for drugs, including those that are being provided for free healthcare.


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