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The logo for the 2018 World Cup was revealed by Russian organizers Tuesday, and it’s been the talk of the Internet ever since. RT reports say the emblem resembled 'The Scream' by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Others said the emblem bore a striking resemblance to Disney's Nemo or Roger the alien from the 'American Dad' television show. In a Twitter interview Wednesday, Leslie Koroma wouldn't be drawn on the new logo, but he did have a lot to say about racism in Russian football.

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Leslie Koroma @lesliepkoroma
@SewaNews @BlessnOkagbare Well there are quite a number of things that can be discussed but my biggest concern is that of #racism
9:37 PM - 29 Oct 2014

Leslie Koroma @lesliepkoroma
@SewaNews @BlessnOkagbare  Racism towards African Players is a problem and the Russians have been one of the biggest offenders
9:38 PM - 29 Oct 2014

Koroma, who heads Songhai Sports (formerly African Sports Media Network or ASMN) is one of the most respected business owners in the game, a startup entrepreneur steadily making a name. He has a reputation for vision backed by action.  

More than a decade ago, he launched an Africa-focused sports media network to fill a gap―serve the niche market of African sports lovers around the world.

"The international media focuses on the biggest stories, which rarely report on African athletes," he told Sewa News last July. 

"During the Olympics or other big global sports events most Africans in the diaspora and on the continent feel left out as the television programming they get to watch tells very little about their nations or even show their athletes. The reason is because the media showing the event has to focus on its own market and serve the community it is mandated to serve. So with such a vacuum I felt the need to step up to serve Africa and help Africans enjoy an experience unique to them."

ASMN was the parent company of African Sports Monthly, a digital online sports magazine, and African Sports TV, a daily sports news site.

"I am passionate about using media to help educate people about sports. Not only as a tool for economic empowerment but also as a means to bridge divides be it race, tribe, or religion.  With my background in sports and technology it came naturally to provide a source through which Africans can find out about what is going on in sports within their countries.

"Ask the British, they will tell you why they do not joke about the Premier League; and the Jamaicans, who equally do not joke about track and field. These sports are their bread and butter that contribute significantly to their national GDP," Koroma said last July.

When Sewa News caught up with him on Twitter Wednesday, he tweeted about developing mobile tech products and the company's new name.  He also tweeted about improvements on the current service alongside representing big name clients such as Blessing Okagbare of Nigeria.

Leslie Koroma @lesliepkoroma
@SewaNews Well I started a new venture in Technology developing mobile tech products and named my company @SonghaiTech and decided to merge
9:21 PM - 29 Oct 2014

Leslie Koroma @lesliepkoroma
@SewaNews Well we are working on Bringing back #AfricanSportsMonthlyMagazine and Improve on our current service alongside representing
9:23 PM - 29 Oct 2014

Leslie Koroma @lesliepkoroma
@SewaNews Representing some of our big name clients such as #BlessingOkagbare of Nigeria
9:24 PM - 29 Oct 2014

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