Election Countdown to March 7, 2018

While the election clock counts down to March 7, Sierra Leone's stadium in the nation's capital has become the battleground for quarter-final and semi-final matchups. 

By international standards, the stadium has a permanent and infield seating for about 30,000 people, but local experts say the venue built by the Chinese in the 1970's and refurbished within the last five years, can pack 75,000 people.

No way, say the skeptics. That number is closer to 50,000.

The cynics say 40,000 is a stretch and so the battle of the headcount goes on.

Sierra Leone's crowd counters don't have nine lens cameras with 360-degree views or static cameras that are solar powered 24/7.

But they swear their method of crowd counting, head by head by the head by head, is a more accurate prediction of the outcome than any computer-aided technology.


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