Sierra Leone | Community, Family and Work

Ulreen pauses on a sandy beach with an organized youth group 

Ulreen Turay is a homemaker, married with three children and a champion of young people.

"As we populate the world, let us act and strive to nurture and touch the hearts and minds of our adolescents with love, consideration, integrity and creativity for a peaceful, purposeful and fulfilled existence."

Ulreen also directs the Center for Modern Languages and Culture or CEMLAC.

"CEMLAC is an institution set up by my mom to cater for foreign and local interpreters and translators for meetings and conferences; and provide other language requirements."

In addition, Ulreen co-owns and is the creative director of KotinTri Limited.  "Here we source, promote and market Sierra Leonean things in particular and African in general--fashion, decor, food.

 "We also have a family enterprise, MITCO, which I call Reeno's house. This has to do with procurement and products of home inspiration. Mitco is named after our first child, Mabel Isata Turay, who is now 18. KotinTri Ltd is the baby of two ladies with a common passion and vision for Sierra Leonean artifacts.

"I am a United States alumna through the International Visitors Leadership Program and African Women's Entrepreneurship Program 2012. I work voluntarily with Vital Voices in relation to women's empowerment."


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