Sierra Leone: Ramadan, Special Month, Special Meaning

Sewa News chatted to Suafiatu Tunis about life and the spirit of Ramadan.

“I'm from Fairo in southern Sierra Leone. I graduated senior high school before joining my husband in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Here I was trained in teaching, the equivalent to a Diploma in Education. Teaching is one of the most accessible jobs for women in this part of the world. My responsibilities vary from educating the kids and taking care of their well being to administrative and managerial duties.

"As an extra-curricular activity I am an active member and administrator on social media. One of them is the Voices from the Diaspora Radio Talk Show.

“While pursuing my own goals in terms of education and happiness, I also like to help my community, relatives and friends. What I find most difficult is being in a position where I cannot do anything to help people. I like to be of service, especially to women, children and the aged.  We as human beings are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. So don’t limit yourself, go out there and fulfill your potential thinking positively.”

Ramadan began in the evening of Monday, July 8 and will end in the evening of Wednesday, August 7 or thereabout. Suafiatu shares her thoughts about fasting:

“A few days ago, a very good friend of mine asked, 'Do you know the most difficult thing about fasting?'

The first answer that came to my mind was hunger and thirst.

The person said 'No, the most difficult thing about fasting is not food or drink because you have control over what comes into your mouth, but how to let your eyes and mind fast without straying to something haram is the most difficult thing about fasting.'

That is so true brothers and sisters.

While fasting, we sometimes let our minds wander and we become distracted even in prayers. Except with Allah's guidance, how can one say their fast was really clean today?

May Allah guide our eyes and minds during this holy month to things pleasing in the sight of Allah. Aameen."


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