Sierra Leone's Top Protocol Officers

Mrs Rasie Kargbo (left) poses with Alhaj Soulay Daramy (center) at a recent event in Sierra Leone

This weekend, State House announced that Rasie Binta Kargbo is taking over as state chief of protocol, replacing Soulay Daramy, who has served both President Ernest Bai Koroma and former president Ahmad Tejan-Kabbah. The logical choice of Mrs. Kargbo culminates more than six months of speculation by State House.

Mrs. Kargbo is expected to continue the sterling work of Alhaj Daramy, who is widely regarded as one of the best protocol officers in Sierra Leonean diplomatic circles. He is knowledgeable in international affairs, possesses good communication skills and observes behavioral etiquette. Daramy is one of 10 presidential appointments announced this week. He has been nominated as high commissioner to The Gambia.

A career diplomat, Mrs. Kargbo served as head of chancery at the Sierra Leone High Commission in The Gambia for seven years before she was recalled in 2006 and posted to Washington D.C. as the head of chancery at the Sierra Leone Embassy in North America. In 2012, Parliament approved her nomination as director general of the foreign ministry with plenipotentiary powers.

Kargbo joined the civil service in 1983 after graduating from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. She served in various ministries before entering the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as deputy secretary. In 1991, she was appointed permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 2000 consul/head of chancery at the Sierra Leone High Commission in Gambia. Mrs. Kargbo served from 2007-2010 as head of chancery Washington D.C. and in late 2010, as ambassador and deputy permanent representative at the Permanent Mission in New York.


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